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​​Education Consultant
Matt has over 15 years experience working in education.  This includes working as an educator, mentor, adviser, and administrator in public, private, charter, therapeutic, and alternative schools in eight countries and on four continents.


Most recently, Matt was the founding administrator at an English-based high school for Chinese students outside of Shanghai, China.

Education should prepare people not just to earn a living, but to live a life - a creative, humane, and sensitive life.

   -Charles Silberman, “Murder in the Classroom” (1970)

Matt has completed two Masters degrees, at the top of his class, from Utah State University (a top 25 ranked university in Education in the United States).  Matt combines thoughtful theoretical approaches with real-world experiences to offer suggestions and solutions for your educational needs. Though he is able to provide consultation for any educational topic, he specializes in: experiential education, organization structure, and planning through backward design.

Adventure Consultant
Planning an adventure?  Look no further!

Matt has traveled to 75+ countries and has 20+ years of experience planning, preparing, and leading 300+ single-day, 100+ multi-day, and 25+ international trips in some the world's most remote and harshest environments.  These trips have included participants of all ages and groups of up to 200+ people.  Matt's experience includes adventure, service, educational, and culturally-based trips.

An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.  An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.

   -Gilbert Keith Chesterton, “On Running after One's Hat” (1908)

No trip is too large or too small.  Any and all arrangements can be made according to your personal requirements.

As always, all consultant agreements include a money-back guarantee.  If you feel you haven't received full value for your money, you will receive an immediate refund with no questions asked and no hard feelings.

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